Friday, 19 June 2015

Eicher-Polaris JV Rolls Out Multix MUV


About 3 years back, the reputed car maker Eicher Motors joined hands with US-based Polaris Industries to make a significant impact in the entry level segment of the automobile industry. Since the forming of joint venture (JV), the two companies have teamed up to produce its first product – Multix, which is a personal utility vehicle.  At the time of the launch, the spokespersons of both the companies opined that this maiden product is designed to target small independent businesses in our country. The new vehicle is priced somewhere in the Rs. 2.32 to 2.72 lakh range. This is the ex-showroom price in the national capital region. The company sources claim that this new multi-utility vehicle is designed keeping in mind Indian conditions. The venture hopes target 5.8 crore businessmen in India through this vehicle.


Highlights of Multix

Being a multi-utility vehicle, it can be used as a family vehicle at some points in time and as a goods transporter at some other points in time. Even when it is used as a family vehicle, it has sufficient luggage space to carry the belongings of all the family. Ideally, a family of five can easily fit into the comfortable positions in the vehicle when it goes for a longer drive. Another highlight of the vehicle is the presence of power take-off point. This feature is capable of generating a power of up to 3KW. This generated power can be used for lighting the house or powering equipment like water pumps and drilling machines. The power take-off point charges itself when the vehicle is on the move. The vehicle would be made available in two variant forms. Both these variants are expected to have a fuel efficiency of 28.45 kilometres per litre on diesel. Hence, the venture companies believe that the new vehicle would turn out to be a huge hit with people who are interested in entry level products.

multix features

JV’s Plan for India

If the spokespersons of the JV are to be believed, this model would be made available in 30 cities. At present, the partner companies are concentrating on Tier II cities across the country. The company is planning to have pan-India presence in the next 24 months. The booking for this multi-utility vehicle has already begun. The delivery of the first batch of vehicles is due to start by August 2015. The venture company has already set up a manufacturing facility at Jaipur in Rajasthan. It has a current capacity of 60000 units annually. The work is progressing in its production capacity to 120000 units a year.

jv plan
Thuruvananthapuram Jaipur, Rajasthan, India