Monday, 8 June 2015

Has Kannur Distiict in Kerala Become Battleground for Political Parties?


The God’s Own Country has been the cynosure of everybody’s eye for all good reasons. There has been development in the information technology and medical industries. This has led to the flow of money to the state exchequer. After having discussed the strides the southern state of Kerala has done last two decades in various social parameters, it would be prudent to talk about the banes the society in this state is bearing due to the bad kind of politics that is being played out in the state. The northern parts of Kozhikode and the whole of Kannur have become the battleground for political parties. In these two northern districts, the political parties play dirty games with the activists of other parties.  Due to this reason, these two districts have become notoriously infamous for the violence.

political violence

Culture of Violence in Kannur

Though all political parties are responsible for violence in these two districts, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI (M) has come into the bad light due to certain activities of its own like the killing of its cadres in bomb making units. The Kannur district is a safe haven for all goons who work for various political parties. CPI (M) is more prominent in this violent culture.  Some of the leaders of this party have been known to harbour the goons to settle scores with their opponents in other political parties. The Communist party has its own party villages deep inside the Kannur district where even the law enforcement agencies of the state don’t dare to step in. It is believed that many of these villages have weapon making units that make the country-made guns and bombs.  Fearing the backlash from the communist party, other parties in the state have also started patronizing such goons to safeguard their interests in the district. Otherwise, they would be wiped out from the district due to the strong presence of CPI (M). Normal people who don’t have any allegiance to any political party are mute spectators to this situation as they don’t want to enter into any tussle with these elements.

bomb making

Clandestine Weapon Making in the District

The people with political affiliations get the country-made weapons freely. The only thing is that they need to approach the correct persons. In the past, there were reports of people getting killed while making weapons and bombs. Though many have some experience in bomb making, sometimes tragic incidents like that occurred in the district on June 6, 2015 keep happening.  These local weapon and bomb making factories happen far off from the public glare. Most of the time, these incidents were reported near the house of sympathizers or the local leaders. The communist party has a network of informers in Kannur district. Hence, any move by the outsiders or the law-enforcing agencies would be easily passed on to the people who are likely to be affected. This is the reason most of the time the enquiry into these incidents seldom yield results. It looks as if the parties have a stranglehold on people. The locals are even ready to die for the party ideology.

home made bombs

Way Forward

The locals have to come out of the shackles of the party ideology and think independently to get a decent existence.  Most of the time, they become the pawns at the hands of leaders who play a game of chess in the state’s political arena. The government should do the needful by giving the youngsters the employment opportunities and rehabilitate them in the larger society. Unless the will comes, this dirty game of politics is going to continue unabated. When people get better opportunities, they don’t stick to this parallel administration run by the party leaders and come out to lead independent and peaceful life.

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