Friday, 12 June 2015

Jurassic World – Review


There seems to be no end to the invasion of silver screen by the gigantic dinosaurs from Triassic Era. It all started with the cult-making Jurassic Park. Brain child of Steven Spielberg, came at a time people knew the existence of these gigantic creatures only in books. When they were created on the screen, the film became instant hit among the moviegoers. Ever since then, the filmmakers have been trying to milk some more from essence out of this theme through their movies. It is in this backdrop, we are hearing about the release of Jurassic World. The film has hit the screen on June 12, 2015.

jurassic world

Casts of the Movie

After some repetitions, now we come to know about another movie on dinosaurs by reputed Hollywood Director Colin Trevorrow. The film has some of the reputed and talented actors in the cast list. They are Chris Pratt, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofio, Bryce Dallas Howard, etc. When you watch this movie, you will no doubt make a comparison with the original movie from the wizardry of Steven Spielberg.

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Movie Story line

On predictable lines, you can see the Indian actor Irrfan Khan stepping into the shoe of the actor Richard Attenborough of the first movie as the owner of the park and the role of upright park manager handled by Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire. Just like what we saw in the original film, the billionaire park owner expected the dinosaurs owned by him to come up with some traits that can entertain the masses. To meet the expectations of the park owner, the Claire plays with the DNA of Dinosaurs to create ferocious species that inherit the traits of T. Rex and intelligence of a highly skilled killer. As a result, she is able to make albino Dino Indominus Rex with more teeth and muscle power.    As the story unfolds, the hybrid dinosaur jumps the padlock to create the flutter inside the park. At the same time, Claire’s nephews Gray (Ty Simpson) and Zack (Nick Robinson) visit the park. Claire is not able to look after the nephews as she goes after the raptor trainer-resident Owen (Chris Pratt). In the meantime, the villain of the story Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Ornofio) wants to weaponise the dinosaurs so that they can be used in situations such as Tora Bora.

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Story Review

The predictable storyline expects killer Dino to remain at large killing and terrorizing people. The cast of the movie somehow escape the jaws of death and keep the movie going through some edge-of-the-seat moments. These casts have been glorified with their heroics and intelligence in the movie when they are shown elegantly escaping from the clutches of the dinosaurs in the park. From the hindsight, it looks as if the film is portraying how the corporate world runs in a park. There are scenes in which this underlying theme is shown. For instance, the toddlers are seen riding on the baby dinosaurs. Similarly, mighty T. Rex has been shown doing some monkey tricks to entertain the audience. Despite all these, the film is falling short of the benchmark set by the cult-making film Jurassic Park in many aspects. This might irk the fans of dinosaurs and films based on them.

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