Friday, 12 June 2015

Significance of India’s Surgical Strike Across the Indo-Myanmar Border


Our neighbours have been bleeding us with strikes on our vital installations and hapless people at will. We have never done the hot pursuit across the border to annihilate them from the source. This was due to the long-perceived views of central governments not to violate the border with our neighbours. The observed restraint to attack the militants across the border with neighbours was there even when our parliament was attacked by them. At different points in time, there has been renewed demand for the surgical strikes across the border to totally destroy the militant training and facilitation camps set up near the international border. The fear of the use of nuclear bomb in a conflict that may come after the cross-border pursuit forced the Indian leadership to remain a mute spectator to the militant strikes across India all these years.

surgical strikes

Change in Mindset of Indian Leadership

The Indian Army think tank has been asking the political leadership to grant permission to annihilate the militant facilitation camps operating across the border for a long time now.  There have been incursions across the border facilitated by the state actors to vitiate the atmosphere in the border areas. The present ruling dispensation has gone a step ahead in providing the blanket permission to the Army leadership to plan and execute a surgical operation to eliminate the militant training camps in Myanmar. It seems the central government had informed the authorities in the neighbouring country ahead of operations. Whatever be the reason, the military establishment in Myanmar did not interfere with the operation that just lasted just under 1 hour.

hot pursuit

Significance of this Operation

The successful completion of this covert operation demonstrates the skills Indian soldiers have in this type of covert operations. They are well trained to take the fight across the border if the need arises. Indian Army also has the required equipment and expertise to plan and successfully execute the cross-border hot pursuit at the time of its liking. The high-point in the operation is that our army did not suffer any loss. It was well executed, keeping under wraps the whole detail. This is the reason why the hostile gang of militants stationed across the border could not sustain their fight against the operation. Another thing that should have gone into the minds of the perpetrators of violence across the border is that our military would execute surprise hot pursuit across the border would as and when require. It should act as a deterrent to those people who organize the militant activities directed against India from across the border.

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