Thursday, 18 June 2015

World Ethnic Day Celebrations in India


Come this Friday, the World is going to celebrate the roots from where people have come. The whole world is a great place where one gets to see a lot many cultures, vibrancy of colours and the ways of life. This is the reason why the United Nations (UN) has dedicated a day for reminding the mankind of its roots and culture. The world body has chosen June 19 for this day of remembrance to be celebrated every year. It is through this day the social workers and NGOs want to teach the world what each culture and ethnicity stands for. Let us come together to celebrate the diversity of culture and know what it represents in real life.

world ethnic day

How can We Lag Behind?

The corporate world from our country is going to make it a big event this time. The companies such as, have already thought out a program for the day in the business capital of the country. For instance, has decided to distribute 10 lakh bindis to ladies of all age group. This is a nice gesture on the eve of this day. The bindis play an indispensable role in the minds of all ladies who are either married or younger in age. In our country, only widows don’t wear the bindi after the death of their spouses. Wearing bindis symbolizes the value of marriage in the society and how it is looked upon by people. The company is planning to deploy 50-100 people in metro cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi to distribute the kits containing bindis to youngsters who are on the move on Friday. The co-founder of the company Monica Gupta wants to spread the awareness of Indian culture and heritage to people in these metropolitan cities. In order to further reach the masses with the right message, the company has roped in the services of noted and gorgeous actress Vidhya Balan who often seen sporting traditional ethnic sarees and bindis.

bindis and sarees

World Ethnic Day

This day envisages a world where different civilizations are held together by the threads of culture and heritage. This tall order can become a reality only when each civilization tries to complement the other. In this world, people would give respect to heritage, anthropology, art and culture, and civilization. Our government is trying to make use of this day to further popularize the handloom products of the cloth and garment industry. By focusing on this dying art, the government is trying to revive the lives of people who work in the Handloom clothes industry. The art of embroidery is another dying art that needs to be brought back to the days of reckoning. Associating these hand-based works with this beautiful day would ultimately restore the golden days to their artisans.

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