Thursday, 23 July 2015

Junior Doctor Edmond Fernandes Urges Medicos to Shed White Coat with Long Sleeves


In a recent study on the plight of condition of hospitals, a junior doctor from Mangaluru Edmond Fernandes has advised the Indian doctors to stop wearing white coats. Through a volume of data, he has proved beyond doubt that unwashed overcoats harbour potential pathogens in them. The details of this study are published in the British Medical Journal. This was disclosed by the doctor who is the author of the study to a news agency by the name ANJ. According to him, the doing away with this tradition would bring down the extent of the spreading of infection in the hospital.

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Landmark Finding

Edmond Fernandes is currently pursuing his postgraduate course in his chosen medical specialty at the Yenepoya Medical College. Over the period of the study, he has found that long sleeved white overcoats used by the medicos in our country spread infection. He suggests that the avoidable harm to the patients at the hospitals could be avoided by doing away these polluting overcoats. Though the white overcoats are used by the senior and junior doctors since the dawn of the 19th century, no work was done to ascertain its harmful effects due to the lack of cleanliness. This is the first authentic work on the harmful effect of these coats that some scholars have forecast some years ago. In order to help his cause, the young medico has come out with scientific proof. The coats the doctors use are left in the open on the chairs, consultation desks, etc. These are the areas where the floating pathogens in the air come and sit on the overcoats that are not washed for weeks altogether. This is mainly due to the space constraints most hospitals have in our country.

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Reasons for Dirty White Overcoats

The main reason for the dirtiness of overcoats worn by the physicians in our country is their periodical washing. The careless manner in which these overcoats were thrown around by the junior doctors also adds to the woes of the patients. The junior doctors don’t have the courtesy to remove the overcoats when they step out of the premises of the hospital. They use the white coats as a status symbol and visit the nearby malls and other places. This exposes the full sleeved overcoats to all kinds of pathogens that keep floating around in public places. The other reason why the wearing of white overcoats should be dispensed in India is the tropical hot climate. This is the reason why the government of the United Kingdom had come out with a legislation banning the use of overcoats with long sleeves when they are in hospital premises in 2007. Even the American Medical Association has decided to follow suit and dump the white coat with long sleeves. However, it did not carry through as the member physicians did not want to part with them citing the tradition.

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Thuruvananthapuram Mangaluru, Karnataka, India