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5 Best Low-calorie Indian Food Recipes


Globally, Indian food has a reputation to be oily and spicy.  It is perceived to be too heavy to digest. Is this really true? Most of the people would say no this question. This is because of the existence of some Indian dishes that are delicious and healthy. While making food, there are certain unwritten and unspoken rules to be followed to make it good for health. You must have a good control over the amount of oil, butter, spices, cream and cheese used. If this is taken care of, the food becomes nutritive.  

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Low-calorie Cuisines

 If we look at the effort of our forefathers who have researched on these aspects and came out with a number of dishes that use only healthy concoction of vegetables, spices and other ingredients to make healthy food.  In this blog, we would be looking at the 5-low calorie food items available in our country.

  1. Buttermilk: This delicious food with thick consistency goes well with any kind of food. It is relished by the family members after savouring the spicy food. When you take a cup of buttermilk, you consume 30 calories per glass.


  2. Ragi Dosa: It is a popular South Indian dish. This delicious food is made from Ragi.  Despite this, it is one of the best delicacies amongst dosa varieties available in South India. You consume energy of 87 calories when you eat one dosa.

    ragi dosa

  3. Oats Idli: Everyone agrees that idlies are a great way to begin a day. This South Indian delicacy that can be had with sambar and chutney. Instead of rice flour, you can use oats to prepare the batter. This is the healthiest way to eat breakfast to begin a day. You consume 26 calories by having one idli.

    oats idli

  4. Sprout Salad: Sprouts are good for the body. To a dish of sprout, add a dash of lime and a pinch of spice to make it palatable. If you consume 100 grams of sprout salad, you ingest 93 calories of energy.

    sprout salad

  5. Mixed Vegetable Curries: You can never go wrong with the mixed vegetable curry. It has to be prepared in one teaspoon oil with a slight heat from low flame.  While ingesting 100 grams of mixed vegetable curry, you are using 95 calories of energy stored in it.
mixed vegetable curries

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