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Nature and History Beckon Tourists to Sri Lanka


Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a tear-shaped island-country situated south of the Indian peninsula. The island is well-known in the international tourist circuit for its lovely beaches, lush vegetation, monuments and cash-crop plantations. Moreover, the people of the country are known for their hospitality and love for the foreigners visiting their country. The place is also rich in historical monuments that talk about its glorious past.

Sri Lanka

Island Economy

Sri Lanka is dotted with lush scenery and dotted with plantations of coffee and tea. These plantations provide currency to propel the island-country's economy. The other bread winners for the country are the tourism industry. and heritage sites. It is blessed with lovely beaches and beautiful monuments. Being a Buddhist country, Sri Lanka has a lot of monasteries and monuments that are preserved by the monks. These specialties keep the island-nation active in the international tourism circuit. The country also gets money from fishing activities in the coastal region. Hence, the visitors to the island get a lot of opportunities to taste the mouth-watering seafood-based cuisines there.

island vegetation

Important Tourist Destinations

A trip to the island-nation starts with a visit to its capital Colombo. It is also called as the gateway to the island-nation. The capital is buzzing with modern metropolitan culture and hi-fi life. Hence, one can find the judicious mix of Colonial architecture and the modern designs in posh hotels, museums and cafes in the city.


Southern and Western Sides

As we leave the country capital, its rustic nature reveals itself to the tourists. Sri Lanka's most popular beaches can be located on its western side. Hence, one can find numerous hotels, beach resorts and other tourism avenues on the western coast. Some other well-known destinations in this island-country are Kalpitiya peninsula, Wilpattu National Park, Tangalla and Matara. On the southern coast is the quaint and attractive Galle. There are also other places of tourist interest beyond Matara, such as Tissamaharama, which is close to Yale and Bundala National Parks. 

natoinal park

Northern and Eastern Sides

There are plenty of tea and coffee plantations towards the northeast of Colombo, the gateway to Sri Lanka. The second largest city of the country Kandy is situated north of the Sri Lankan Capital. This city is home to the Temple of Tooth and most popular festival Esala Perahera. From this beautiful city, one can easily reach British-era town Nuwara Eliya that is home to Horton Plains National Park. The places of historical importance in the northern side of the island nation include Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The cave temples of Dambulla are closer to the latter place.

temple of truth
Thuruvananthapuram Sri Lanka
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