Friday, 14 October 2016

Is it Worthwhile to Salvage the Home during Lean Period?


It is worthwhile to help your father and mother during the lean time in their lives if you have a stable or government job. If your parents have kept nothing for you to bank on to salvage the house during the bad times, it is difficult to support them. One may not find many people doing that at the cost of their self-esteem. People need to think of supporting their parents during their bad times physically, mentally and financially.  They need to become financially strong to support their parents. If people could not reach that place by the time their parents become sick, the family will have to pass through a period of hardship. This article will help people in such a soup to tide over the crisis they are into.


Normal Situation

Youths start exploring various options when they have the financial backup from home. Normally, the parents of the youths are working in the government jobs and are earning money to support their wards in securing their lives. This is a sure short of getting the financial backup when the parents become susceptible to various diseases in their old age. After having helped the children settle in their jobs and families, the parents look forward to get the help from them when the situation arises. The children can certainly help their parents with money, mental support and physical backup. If the parents healthcare cost becomes more due to the complex medical treatments, including advanced surgeries, the land or house they own can easily be either pledged or sold to mobilize money. Whatever the situation, whole family would work as a unit to give support to the ailing parents. The daughters and daughters-in-law can stay at home or hospital looking at the ailing parents and the sons and sons-in-law can look for ways to arrange money and support the treatment. In short, every member of the family should contribute and support. 


Abnormal Situations

There are certain parents who do not believe in saving money for the future. They only look for the immediate requirements. They do not even see whether their children have landed in correct and stable jobs. They even don’t think of buying a house at suitable place. In the fag-end of the official life, they rush to buy a house that may have shortcomings. They don’t even clear the title deeds of the properties they have purchased for want of knowledge. They expect the children to do everything. The parents after the retirement normally go to alternative jobs to support their children if they had married late in their lives. These kinds of parents never do that, forcing the children to fend for themselves. In this scenario, children don’t get enough time to study and find a suitable job that can give stability in the later part of the life.  After the mandatory of graduation, such parents force their children to go for miserly jobs and waste their prime youth on them. This situation lands them in a bad state when their parents become susceptible to different ailments due to the old age.  The children who are better settled should take care of the ailing parents, leaving the less settled sibling aside so that he can prosper in life in time to support later in his life.  If the family members force less settled sibling to take care of everything, he would have to leave his job to look after the parents. This is especially true when his family is split between two places.

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