Saturday, 29 October 2016

New Theory on the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle


The mystery around the infamous Bermuda Triangle has further deepened with the release of new theory in the recent past. According to this new theory, the clouds that form over this infamous region of the ocean are triangular in shape. These odd-shaped clouds are like strong air bombs that can cause wreck with the ship and planes that pass through the said region, the new theory further elaborate. The scientists discovered these strange hexagonal clouds with the help of radar satellite imagery. The meteorologists found these clouds to have a width range of 20 and 50 miles over water. A science channel revealed this discovery in its series “What on Earth”. In this article, we would be looking at the new revelations made by a reputed meteorologist on the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle

Micro-bursts in Atmosphere

Meteorologist Dr. Randy Cerveny stated that the satellite imaginary produced some bizarre images when the experts focused the satellite on the clouds in the region. He further added that the unusual appearance is due to the signals getting reflected from the hexagon-shaped clouds. He further added that these hexagonal clouds are like sitting air bombs. According to him, these bizarre clouds have come from a phenomenon called micro-bursts. Hence, these have blasts of air trapped in them that wait to release energy on short notice. However, he quickly added that this strange phenomenon in no way completely explains the disappearance of plane and ships without any trace. He had to give this clarification when many people started to question his logic on the social media platforms.
air micro burst

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

There have been many theories that try to explain the strange phenomenon that happen to the transport vehicles which enter the Bermuda Triangle. The legend has been around since 1400. It states that those enter into this forbidden area never return to see its other side. It is located between Miami, Puerto Rico and the Island of Bermuda. This region has been notoriously linked to a vast number of inexpiable disappearances of ships and planes. By using this satellite imagery, some scientists tried to explain away the mystery with the help of high-energy hexagonal clouds that form in the region. They stated that the bursts of clouds release a lot of energy that can upset moving ships and planes and endanger them in the region.

hexagonal cloud

People Questioning the Logic

Many people question this new theory. They claim that this theory also fails to explain the disappearance without any trace. The wreckage could not be found in the sea beds after the ships and planes that meet with accident. Ideally, people expect the wreckage to find near the site of disappearance. The freak storms, waterspouts and rogue waves are known to occur in this region. There were even the instances of empty boats and ships floating in the region. These facts do not sync with the theories floated so far by the experts. Therefore, many people, including the experts from the field of science, do not buy this explanation also.
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