Monday, 7 November 2016

6 Unconventional Accommodations for the Travel-geeks


Many people harbor the intention to travel. However, some of them eventually venture out taking leave from the workplace and enjoy with family.  Others don’t get time to travel with the family as they have paucity of time and workload at the workplace. There are some others who are hardcore travelers who pick up the backpacks and venture out to know about the nature. This article is for those hardcore travelers who have become bored with the conventional stay-ins that they might have come across during their travels. They can look for the unconventional ones to satiate their wish to stay differently and comfortably.  Next time when they venture out, they can use this list as reference to pick up the one they like to stay, provided that type of accommodation is available at the destination.

  1. Shaam-e-Sharhad Village Resort: This resort is at Hodka village in the Bhuj district of Gujarat. Located in the middle of nowhere, this resort is open from October to March every year. It has a range of hutments that take the travelers back to the rustic life. They can find eco-friendly tents to traditional bhungas or circular mud houses. Built under Endogenous Tourism Project or Rural Tourism Scheme, the cost of stay in these stay-ins for a night is from Rs. 3300 onward.

  2. shaam-e-shard village resort

  3. Sharnga Guest House: This accommodation is available at Auroville in a place called Bommapalayam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. While staying in this guest house, the visitors can experience in a residential settings and tranquillity of natural surroundings. In the early morning, they can wake up to the chirping of birds and attend an early morning yoga session in the neighborhood. The cost per head for staying in this guest house is from Rs.1500 onward.

  4. sharnga guest house

  5. Tantra Beach and Shacks: It is situated at a place called Saint Michael Vado, near Anjuna Flea Market Path in Anjuna, Goa. This provides a tree-house type accommodation along with the hut options. The interior of this accommodation has tantric decor, arts, statues and colorful fabrics.  The visitors seeking stay in these shacks and huts can blend with the nature and fall into a gentle sleep listening to the sounds of Arabian Sea playing lullaby. The visitors need to fish out Rs. 1800 or more for their stay there.

  6. tantra beach goa

  7.  Houseboat: Though costlier when compared to other destinations discussed so far, Kerala’s houseboat provides an experience of lifetime. What is so special about this? The travelers can spend a night in total privacy in a gently floating houseboat in backwaters. Being waterborne, the setting gives cool and blissful experience if they sit just outside the launch in the houseboat. This is ideal for the honeymooners who want experience for their lifetime. They can hire a houseboat from either Alleppey or Kollam. The route the houseboat takes from Kollam to Alleppey is calm. The cost of the stay generally is on higher side and it is Rs. 6500 or more for a single person.

  8. houseboat kearal

  9. Guhantara Cave Resort:  It is India’s first underground cave resort. Situated just outside the Bangalore city, Guhantara resort provides an exhilarating experience of being inside a cave. The resort has all the infrastructure of a modern resort inside a cave-like setting. It has lounge bar, swimming pool, restaurant, kids’ play area, spa, and herbal garden. The water for the swimming pool comes from a waterfall. The water body within the cave plays host to different adventure sports activities. The cost of stay for a single person at night is from Rs. 8500 onward.

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